High Purity Zirconium Derivatives

Company Profile

Bhalla Chemical Works Pvt Ltd (BCW) based out of Gurgaon (HR) India is an established manufacturer of a wide range of Zirconium Chemicals (See Products). The company has 2 manufacturing facilities one at Gurgaon in an area of 16000 sq. mtr and a New Facility at Bhiwadi Rajasthan in an area of 20000 sq. mtr (due to be commissioned in 2015).

The Zirconium Product range of the company is diverse with product usage in applications ranging from Medical to Paints (See Application Pie). The company employs almost 250 workmen & staff and a team of dedicated technicians who provide technical support to customers. The company has all necessary testing facilities for the products and where necessary outsources customer specific testing requirements.

These Zirconium Products are produced in state of the art facilities with a focus on producingproducts to meet individual customer requirements for which it has an on going product customization program. (See ISO Certificate) BCW is one of the few Global Companies outside of China having a captive ZOC (Zirconium Oxychloride Crystal) production facility used for production of Hi-Purity Zirconium Compounds and for sale of ZOC to customers as well.

Due to a large production capacity and consistent quality, BCW has become a global supplier of Zirconium and has substantial supplies to almost all countries where there is a demand for Hi-Quality, Hi Purity Zirconium Products. Sales are done directly to customers and where necessary through an established network of distributors/ representatives (See Export House Certificate) .

Production Capacities

Plant Location Area Sqm Zirconium Oxychloride Crystals Zirconium Carbonate Zirconium Oxides (monoclinic) Zirconium Solutions
Gurgaon 16000 3000 mt/pa 3000 mt/pa 600 mt/pa 600 mt/pa
Bhiwadi (Proposed) 20000 7000 mt/pa 1000 mt/pa

Quality Assurance

Quality is guaranteed to conform to customer requirements. (see Iso certificate). In-house testing facilities are available for a wide range of Parameters and where required external testing is carried out at reputed laboratories if required by customers. A dedicated team of professionals is available to provide any technical support required by customers.

Periodic auditing of the productions facilities, laboratories etc are carried out to ensure conformance to specified parameters and procedures.